My pain, my energy, and my weight have really improved since I've been working with Rick.  He has a soft way of listening and then coaching me to make some baby steps that have really turned my whole life around.

                                Mary  Sequim, WA

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Rick Marschall N.D.

Diet as Therapy

It's true, eating the right foods has the power to reverse many chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune disease, immune system challenges and dementia.

Rick has been wonderful in helping our family deal with many different health issues over the years.  We trust Rick and know he will treat our family with the highest level of care.  

Linda- Port Angeles, WA

Rick Marschall N.D. practices wellness consulting, nutritional counseling and prevention with 30 years of experience and has positively affected thousands of people.

Energy Medicines

The minimum dose of an affordable, non-toxic, homeopathic constitutional will reset the magnetic field around the body to help speed the healing along.

Many difficult conventionally and naturopathically treated conditions can still be turned around with homeopathics.


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