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Rick Marschall N.D. retired


This diet therapy has been successfully used to treat most chronic, degenerative conditions and is the diet humans have lived on since the beginning of our species and our birth.  Breast milk releases 85% of its calories from carbohydrate, 5% from protein and 10% from fat and will grow a newborn 8 pound baby to 16 pounds in 6 months!  This diet gets 80% of its calories from carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. Of the carbohydrates, most of the calories come from starch.  Starch releases only 1 calorie per gram very slowly into the blood.  Sugar releases 4 calories per gram, 4 times as fast into the blood!  Fat releases 9 calories per gram into the body and any extra fat that you eat over and above what’s in nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and vegetables you end up wearing unless you excessively exercise to burn it off.  Excess fat breaks down into fatty acids.  Excess protein breaks down into excess amino acids.  All this excess acidity inflames the cells of the liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, endocrine system, nervous system, immune system, joints, muscles and bones.  Also, when excess protein enters the liver, the liver has to take some of the protein and make anti-inflammatory  proteins like C-reactive protein to deal with the inflammation caused by the irritating excess fat and protein.  This wastes valuable protein meant for muscle building.  Starch based eaters statistically have higher levels of healthy proteins in their blood available for body building.

Excess fat of any type leads to gradual deposits of plaque in the arteries which leads to smaller space in the arteries and therefore higher risk of low oxygen events to the heart muscle and brain tissue and eventually heart attacks and strokes. Go to my resource page, click on some links and watch videos of these physicians and experts who are trim, healthy and strong and have been curing human illness for decades with diet alone.  Most Americans eat animal protein once or twice a day whether it’s beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt or eggs.  In contrast, the starch based diet allows you to eat animal protein only twice a month.  For the healing to occur you must also eventually reduce added salt, sugar and oil to almost zero.  You can have ½ tsp of ANY sweetener twice a day in tea or coffee and 2 squares of dark chocolate per day if you can do that without binging.

Consider approaching your health challenges with an experienced diet coach.  I generally get results within the first few days to 2 weeks.  This is a diet of foods you want to eat like potatoes, rice, beans and legume soups, bread and pasta to name a few, but have been misled by confused authority figures who by their senior years are falling prey to the degenerative diseases they hoped to avoid.  You don't want to live out those last 18 years suffering painful creaking joints, watching tumors show up that invade your organs, having chest pain, dizzy spells, heart attacks, strokes and eventually forgetting who your loved ones are.  People that do live this diet properly outlive the statistical norms and pass in their sleep from old age.  At 64, my blood pressure is 114/76, cholesterol is 140, blood sugar is 78, and triglycerides are 54.  I'm 5' 11", I weigh 168, I have good energy, I stretch for 5 minutes daily and only need to walk 30 minutes 5 days a week to stay this way.  This is something YOU have control over.  Regardless of your genes, this lifestyle will help you enormously.  


Give yourself the possibility of a new life.            Rick Marschall ND    360-457-1515