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Einstein once said, “the physician of the future will concentrate his attention on repairing the electromagnetic field around the human body rather than dosing it with synthetic or even natural chemicals to affect only the physical body”.  The magnetic field surrounding all life is not just the result of electric currents that flow through organic life but can be manipulated to put organic biochemical reactions and physiologic functions back into homeostasis”.

Einstein's comments were a result of efforts already underway by Homeopathic scientists and physicians to positively impact the our health with energy medicines.  In the early 1800s, Samuel Hahnemann, a medical doctor in Germany, began experimenting with energy medicine from his frustration with the lack of safety and effectiveness of plant medicines and certainly toxic mineral medicines like arsenic, mercury and sulphur that were common up until mid 1800s.  He was leaning towards using botanical medicines yes, but in the case of cinchona bark, an extract containing quinine the active principle in treating malaria, even here there were side-effects.  When a child or senior got malaria, they often died from the effects of quinine.  Here, as in current day toxic chemotherapy for cancer, if the patient survived the cure because they were of a robust nature, well, the doctor took the credit for the cure.

Fortunately for us, Samuel Hahnemann found an observation in a medical journal reporting the interesting fact that anyone who accidentally took quinine developed the very same symptoms, fever and chills, of those who contracted malaria.  This led him to the concept “like cures like”.  To Hahnemann, it appeared that quinine cured malaria in robust patients because it somehow produced similar symptoms as malaria, somehow stimulating the immune system to fight the disease in a more active way.  

Well, he was still left with the problem that patients, young and old with malaria would often die from the treatment even though teen, young adult and middle-aged patients survived.  So he began trying to dilute the tincture of cinchona bark containing the quinine but this did not work, the dilutions were too weak to stimulate the immune system enough to be of value.  Then Samuel had his “Aha” moment.  He decided to try to vibrate the essence of quinine into the alcohol as he diluted the tincture by shaking the dilution 50 times.  This produced what he called a 1C.  He took one drop of cinchona tincture and dropped it into 99 drops of the diluent, alcohol and called the shaking process succussion.  Each time this was done the potency increased: 1C became 2C then 3C and so forth.  A 6C produced a cure for malaria.  As he experimented with higher doses, science eventually discovered that, once the dilution passed 27,there could be zero molecules left in the homeopathic medicine.  Only the energetic wave form of the medicine, that could actually be measured by sensitive electronic equipment, remained.

This was the point at which scientists realized that 30C, 200C and 1M were potencies that had the strongest effects in achieving exactly what Einstein had envisioned, the correction of the electromagnetic field around the human body such that true healing could ensue.  Constantine Hering, considered to be the father of American Homeopathic Medicine, took this understanding a bit further.  From his observations of how homeopathic medicines enabled a cure, he postulated that healing occurs from the inside out, from the top down and in the reverse order in which conditions developed in the patient.  This postulation has been observed so many times now in the over 100 years since he put it to paper that it is considered Hering’s Law of cure.

There are currently over 500 homeopathic medicines derived from plant, mineral and animal substances.  There are 16 homeopathic medicines that cure 90% of patients afflicted with functional conditions.  This point must be understood for the reader to accept the word cure.   Functional conditions are conditions that have been acquired within a patient’s lifetime and have NOT led to irreparable damage.  Consequently, homeopathic medicines cannot work with patients with permanent nerve damage, brain damage, hardwired genetic conditions, or with injury related conditions where permanent damage has been done.  Now you might ask, how do we know if the condition is really permanent or not.  The answer lies at the discretion of both the physician and the patient.  Here often intuition is our best resource.

On the other hand, there are conditions that appear irreversible but are really not.  For example, there are acquired genetic conditions.  In this case, multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms know as SNPs have occurred whereby the patient’s DNA has been altered by small base pair changes from exposure to environmental toxins that leave the patient susceptible to certain weaknesses in various systems, the immune system, the endocrine system, the digestive systems and others.  But within the nucleus of our cells lies a repair system that we are just beginning to understand with our science.  Some of these acquired genetic conditions that did NOT come in with the patient from his/her parents, the hardwired genetic conditions, have been improved or for all extents and purposes even cured.

Patients who have had their thyroid gland completely removed for example are in a similar state.  If the correct treatment is applied to such a patient, the thyroid gland will reappear over time and produce adequate levels of thyroid such that the patient can be entirely weaned off supplemental medication.

Finding the correct homeopathic medicine generally takes me 30 minutes and can have a profound impact on a patient’s health.  If you are interested in finding your signature constitutional homeopathic medicine, the initial consult is $95, takes a half and hour and is followed up 6 weeks later with a shorter consult unless your case needs more careful study because your are an “outlier”, someone within the 10% of cases that requires one of the other ~490 medicines.  Still, the odds are much higher, 90% that your medicine lies within the “polychrests” the 16 medicines that successfully treat most of us.  Give us a call when you are ready to take your health to the next level.    call the clinic for a free pre-consult 360-457-1515

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